The high luminance LED for slim head lamp designs and ADB hot spot.

OSLON® Boost HM for automotive & mobility applications

OSLON® Boost HM for automotive & mobility applications

The OLSON® Boost HM Gen2 delivers potent light output alongside a robust package and dependable quality. Thanks to its high luminance output, this LED enhances the flexibility in creating slim or sleeker headlamp designs and serves as an excellent option for range extensions / high beam spots in matrix applications.



  • High-luminance capability
  • 3 pad design with electrically isolated thermal pad
  • SMD ceramic based package Compact outline dimensions: 1.9 x 1.5 x 0.73 mm
  • New FWL Single Color Binning


  • Realization of slim headlamp designs and usage of small lens components
  • Highest luminance performance up to 260 cd/mm²
  • Reliable and efficient thermal management of the headlamp system
  • Reduce system costs by using same PCB layout for different applications e.g.low and high beam (same package / footprint as Compact PL)
  • It is possible to order just one single bin

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