ams AS8512 Analog Front-End



The AS8512 IVT-sensor is a data acquisition front-end IC empowering virtually offset free, low noise, 2-channel measurement of current and voltage in battery management systems. It is tailored to accurately measure wide range of current (from mA up to kA) in combination with a 100 µOhm shunt resistor connected in series with the battery rail. Through the second measurement channel it enables capture of either battery voltage synchronous with the current or to measure the analog output of an internal or external temperature sensor. It provides measurement outputs via a 4-wire SPI serial interface. With its accurate data acquisition and cost optimized capabilities the sensor is ideal for battery management systems for energy storage system (ESS).



  • Low supply voltage
  • Redundant measurement possibility
  • Flexible configuration
  • Unique measurement principle


  • 3.3V supply voltage
  • Two high resolution 16-bit Sigma-Delta A/D converters
  • Programmable sampling to enable data throughput from less than 1Hz to 8kHz
  • Zero offset for both channels

Ordering codes

Product Type Description Order No. Availability
AS8512-ZSSM 500 pcs/reel Q65113A7218
AS8512-ZSSP 2000 pcs/reel Q65113A7217