ams AS5116 Position Sensor Sin/Cos Output

ams AS5116 Position Sensor Sin/Cos Output
Longevity January 2031
ams AS5116 Position Sensor Sin/Cos Output
Longevity January 2031

Product features

The AS5116 is a contactless magnetic position sensor for accurate angular measurement over a full mechanical turn of 360°. Based on the Hall sensor technology, this device has a robust architecture that measures the orthogonal component of the flux density (Bz), over a full-turn rotation. To measure the angle, only a simple two-pole magnet rotating over the center of the package is required. The magnet can be placed above or below the device.
The absolute angle measurement provides an instant indication of the magnet’s angular position. The angle information is provided by means of buffered differential sine and cosine voltages. The AS5116 operates at a supply voltage of 5V or 3.3V. 

The AS5116A is a preprogrammed version of AS5116. It has fixed settings and need no further programming. 

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USB I-P Box AN001012

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