X-ray sensors

Best-in-class sensing solutions enable x-ray equipment to render more accurate images with better contrast while limiting noise and distortion.


Digital x-ray solutions

ams OSRAM is a leader in computed tomography and digital x-ray solutions. We design and manufacture imaging sensing solutions which offer outstanding precision, high acquisition speeds, low noise and ultra-low power consumption. This enables manufacturers of scanning equipment to produce sharp images while exposing people to a low dose of radiation. Our portfolio covers medical, security and industrial x-ray applications. Our ambition is to evolve both our solutions and expertise to an unprecedented level of image accuracy, while enhancing convenience and safety for users.


CT sensors

Medical professionals are constantly pushing CT imaging equipment manufacturers to provide better quality images allowing for more accurate diagnosis of a patient’s condition, while keeping x-ray dosage to a minimum to reduce the risk to the patient’s health when undergoing a scan. New generations of detector solutions from ams OSRAM are enabling equipment makers to achieve both these goals simultaneously, allowing reductions in x-ray doses while reducing noise and distortion in CT images.

The key to ams OSRAM detector superior performance is the optimization of the sensitive signal chain that includes photodiodes, interconnect and the high-speed ADC, by means of proprietary circuits and technologies that allow achieving an unprecedented level of performance.


Digital x-ray

Digital X-ray equipment is widely used in general radiography, mammography and interventional radiology. The flat panel detectors (FPDs) integrated in this equipment must produce high-resolution images with low noise. ams OSRAM solutions for these FPDs help digital X-ray equipment manufacturers to produce accurate images and to increase scanning rates. Our product portfolio includes high-speed readout circuits and gate drivers optimized for line times as low as 15µs. These devices help to increase the frame rate in dynamic X-ray applications such as fluoroscopy. For static applications using portable and battery-powered FPDs, ams OSRAM offers readout circuits which dissipate as little as 1.1mW per channel, allowing radiologists to perform more X-ray exposures before the detector has to be recharged.

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