SIA Vision 2021

2021/03/17 - 2021/03/18



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Online visitors will experience ams' Micro Lens Array projection technology and can learn about OSRAM's mockup and demonstrator of a high resolution Active Pixel-LED headlamp with 100k pixel performance.​

Join us at the SIA Vision 2021

Micro Lens Array (MLA) projection technology from ams enables automotive manufacturers to implement compact, small-footprint projection lighting which can cast bright and crisp images on to flat surfaces. Featuring inherently extended focal lengths, MLA Projected Lighting devices can cast images on a variety of surfaces and over long focal distances, making them ideal for both exterior body lighting and interior lighting. Even at a shallow angle, a projected logo is sharply focused – as can be the case for a welcome carpet when the MLA is housed in the car chassis or wheel trim. 

Experience our latest innovations in optical sensor solutions for automotive showcased in our 360-degree virtual showroom and watch our videos to learn more  about our Micro Lens Array technology projects. 

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Join the OSRAM presentation about high resolution active Pixel-LED headlamp

Active integrated LED Arrays for automotive headlamps are progressing towards larger emitting area and higher pixel count. We describe a headlamp mock-up system based on the latest developments on the EVIYOS LED light source with 25600 active controllable LED pixels. The system architecture and partitioning allow to realize a system with an equivalent resolution of 100k and high intensity. We propose an optical lens design and in combination with a complete electro-optical and thermal setup and provide first results. The mock-up addresses a field of view of 10°x 40° and a resolution of less than 0.1°. The implementation will demonstrate conventional ADB/AFS features as well as symbol visualizations controlled by a touch screen graphical user interface and a video data processing flow to distribute the pixel intensity towards two LED arrays implemented in the system.

Title: Mockup and Demonstrator of a High Resolution Active Pixel-LED headlamp with 100k Pixel Performance​
Date: March 17th, 2021
Time: 1:40pm CET | 4:40am PDT | 8:40pm CST

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Speaker: Stefan Grötsch
Principal Key Expert/Application Fields
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH 

2011-today Applications Automotive LEDs
2002-2010  R&D Visible Power LEDs (OSTAR)
1995-2002  R&D High Power Laser Diodes