Open System Protocol (OSP) overview

For dynamic lighting applications and beyond.  Is open for everybody (license free) and a full documentation gives full control. 


Open System Protocol (OSP)

Open System Protocol (OSP) was developed by ams OSRAM to enable dynamic lighting applications and more. 

OSP is open for everybody and free of license. It is based on a master-slave architecture, allowing to control >1,000 devices individually in a chain. OSP is split into a base protocol, covering the lower 3 layers of ISO/OSI, and a device specific application layer.  


Enable dynamic lighting applications 

The flexibility of OSP allows the implementation of Dynamic Lighting Applications for decoration, warnings, and communication, or even for the integration of interactive functions like in Smart Surfaces by the integration of sensors and actuators. 

OSP supports dynamic lighting applications with following key features: 

  • Address range: 1,024  
  • Net data: up to 64 bit per message frame 
  • Data transfer rate: 2.4 MB 
  • Self-diagnosis, self-addressing, further network layer features 

With these data, a master controller can update more than 200 devices with 3 colors (Red/Green/Blue) in 16 bit depth in less than 10 ms. 



OSP base documentation


OSP white paper


OSP ecosystem

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OSP News

AS1163 SAID intelligent LED driver 

The new AS1163 SAID intelligent LED driver provides a connection for any LED to an OSP automotive interior or exterior lighting network.

OSIRE® E3731i intelligent RGB LED

ams OSRAM opens new era of dynamic interior automotive lighting with launch of intelligent RGB LED.

ams OSRAM and DOMINANT Opto Technologies to enable smart automotive ambient lighting with intelligent RGB LEDs leveraging Open System Protocol

Car makers to use intelligent ambient lighting to create new functions - and a new feeling - inside the cabin

The increasing sophistication of a vehicle’s technology is prompting manufacturers to rethink the form and function of the cabin. 

OSP Events

Automotive Engineering 

Meet ams OSRAM at the Automotive Engineering Exposition where ams OSRAM will showcase advanced sensing and illumination solutions that are essential for future automotive applications.

DVN Interior Workshop Cologne

Bringing together more than 200 worldwide participants, managers and experts in the field of Interior Automotive Design and Technology, the DVN Cologne is a great platform to exchange knowledge and information. 
This time ams OSRAM will share their thoughts about how partnerships can be of high value for the industry.