Chinese Webinar: ams OSRAM CT solutions and application fields

2021/12/21 - 2021/12/21



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Want to know about ams OSRAM's high-performance CT scanning solutions? Communicate with ams OSRAM experts online, and gain an in-depth understanding of ams OSRAM's medical CT products with applicable applications and technical solutions! Stay tuned!

Join our Chinese Webinar about Computed Tomography

Computed tomography, or CT for short, is a nuclear imaging technology that can be applied to both industrial and medical industries. 

Throughout the industrial field, advanced X-ray imaging equipment provides us with a window to see through objects. Images generated by imaging equipment such as CT scanners or digital X-ray flat-panel detectors can help to improve the efficiency of security inspection machines, ensure safe travel, and ensure high-quality control of key components. Our technology can obtain high-resolution images at higher scanning speeds while minimizing power consumption. 

In the medical industry, high-speed and ultra-low noise detector solutions enable manufacturers of CT scanning equipment to generate motion-free CT images while patients receive low-dose radiation. 

As one of the leading semiconductor companies, ams OSRAM is expecting to achieve unprecedented image quality at lower doses, providing a series of high-performance solutions for three-sided and four-sided stitching options, and providing low noise and ultra-low noise Power consumption and high readout speed.

Why attend the webinar?

  • Understand ams OSRAM Medical CT Professional Application Area Array Photoelectric Conversion Sensor Technical Solution
  • Discuss ams OSRAM’s ultra-low noise, ultra-low power CT detector chip and module architecture
  • Learn about the trends for the next generation of Photon Counting based on photonic technology


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Speaker: Kai Sun, Senior Field Application Engineer at ams OSRAM

Kai is a senior FAE at ams OSRAM with more than 10 years of experience in semiconductor and integrated circuit design, and has accumulated rich market experience and technical insights.