Product features

This device is especially designed for full color RGB applications. The 6-lead technology allows for an additive mixture of color stimuli by independent driving of each chip.




Datasheet / 2,2 MB


Advanced LED rework procedure for video wall and signage application

Product related / 1,6 MB

Chemical compatibility of LEDs

General information / 2,0 MB

Comparison of simple LED circuits for low power LEDs

Electrical design / 1,2 MB

Customer complaint management — Details on return shipments for failure analysis request (FAR)

General information / 1,7 MB

Details on photobiological safety of LED light sources

General information / 1,4 MB

Dimming LEDs with respect to grouping current

Electrical design / 1.007,0 KB

Dry pack information

Handling recommendations / 1,2 MB

ESD protection while handling LEDs

Handling recommendations / 1,8 MB

Fundamentals of LED handling

Handling recommendations / 1,3 MB

Further details on lead free reflow soldering of LEDs

Soldering and processing / 1,4 MB

Importing rayfiles and ray-measurement files of LEDs

General information / 903,2 KB

LED 可靠性与使用寿命

General information / 1,7 MB

LED 无铅回流焊的详细介绍

Soldering and processing / 1,7 MB

Lebensdauer und Zuverlässigkeit von LEDs

General information / 1,9 MB

Manual lead-free soldering of LEDs

Soldering and processing / 1,9 MB

Measurement, calibration and measurement uncertainty of LEDs

General information / 2,5 MB

Measuring of the temperature profile during the reflow solder process

Soldering and processing / 1,2 MB

PCB technologies for LED applications

Thermal management / 3,1 MB

Package related thermal resistance of LEDs

Thermal management / 2,1 MB

Potting protection for outdoor LED video walls and signs

Product related / 6,2 MB

Processing of SMD LEDs

Soldering and processing / 4,5 MB

Recommended pick-and-place tools for LEDs

Soldering and processing / 6,0 MB

Reliability and lifetime of LEDs

General information / 1,9 MB

Temperature measurement with thermocouples

Thermal management / 3,9 MB

The basic principles of Electrical Overstress (EOS)

Electrical design / 1,6 MB

Thermal management of LED light sources

Thermal management / 1,9 MB

Weitere Hinweise zum bleifrei Reflow-Löten von LEDs

Soldering and processing / 1,4 MB

欧司朗光电半导体有限公司 LED 的测量、

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Optische Simulation

Optical Simulation

Optical simulation


CAD Data

CAD files

Elektrische Simulation

Electrical Simulation

Electrical simulation

Ordering codes

Produkttyp Beschreibung Bestellnummer Verfügbarkeit
KRTBLSLPS1.32-VUVX-EQ+BTBV-D8+TXUV-L1-B Iv = 800 ... 1250 mcd (IF = 20 mA)
Iv = 1902 ... 2800 mcd (IF = 20 mA)
Iv = 377 ... 710 mcd (IF = 20 mA)