Automotive Engineering Exposition 2023 Yokohama

ams OSRAM is a global leader in optical solutions. We offer a unique product and technology portfolio for sensing, illumination and visualization: from prime-quality light emitters and optical components to micro-modules, light sensors, ICs and related software. Visit us at AEE Yokohama, Japan to experience our innovative products and meet with our team of experts.


Meet us at the Automotive Engineering Exposition where ams OSRAM will showcase advanced sensing and illumination solutions that are essential for future automotive applications.

Date: May 24 - May 26, 2023

ams OSRAM Demo line-up

Intelligent Forward Lighting – EVIYOS®2.0
EVIYOS®2.0, 25,600 pixels of individually brightness controllable high-resolution LEDs, raises automotive headlamp safety to new level of illumination and visualization. In additon to conventional Low and High beam fucntion, high-resolution glare-free ADB, road projection of tracking assistant and symbols as warnings can be realized. The demonstrator showcases low/high beams, and tracking assistant and symbols on the road.

ams-OSRAM implements very innovative technology for wavelength stability over temperature on its EELs. 
This technology enables LiDAR manufactures to apply much narrower bandpass filter at RX side for SNR improvement dramatically. 
ams OSRAM’s simulation and market feedback suggest that this can lead up to ~40% range increase thanks to higher SNR. 
Our demonstrator will show how it stable compared with conventional technology.   

Compact Headlamp
To contribute ultra compact head lamp that is recent automotive trend, ams OSRAM lined up OSLON® Compact PL that has good balance of high lumenous flux and high luminance and OSLON® Boost that has advanced luminace performance. The domonstration system is realizing high beam and low beam with these LED and ultra small lens. Please check performance of recent high power white with your eyes.

Grille Illumination
Electrification of vehicles opens a way to use illuminated front grilles as an innovative design, signaling and communication element, which may include Car2x communication, autonomous driving system lighting, and so on. This demo introduces a vehicle front design with white grille illumination by SYNIOS P3030 and blue-green indication by OSIRE Product Family, which is capable of multi-color illumination.

Ambient Lighting RGB ‐ OSIRE®
The OSIRE® family offers individually addressable LED chips for a maximum of flexibility in terms of color point, driver selection and interconnection in Interior Ambient Lighting. Due to the low profile, the products are ideally suited for coupling into thin lightguides and enables ultra compact designs. We will show the RGB LED products with different integration levels of electronics.
ICARUS is a proof-of-concept for advanced DMS mounted in the instrument cluster or A-pillar. The ams OSRAM 3D sensing system provides high-resolution depth maps (<±0.5% depth accuracy at a range of 45-70cm) using a structured light method. It uses an ams OSRAM depth-extraction algorithm which offers scope for even higher performance in future for customers which support custom product development. The system is implemented with automotive vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) near infrared (NIR) flood and dot pattern projectors from ams OSRAM.

XLS: eXchangeable LED lightSource
The ECE standard (R128) platform makes it easy to change between modules from different suppliers, and is expected to bring economical benefits as standardization to lever for high volume production.  This product, which has been standardized for in-vehicle use, will not only be offered as a highly reliable off-the-shelf product, but will also ensure stable availability over the long term and strengthen the supply chain.