The 18th Auto Lamp Industry Development Technology Forum and The 9th Shanghai International Auto Lamp Exhibition (ALE)

ALE brings together global manufacturers and automotive lighting companies and serves as a main venue in the automotive lighting industry. In 2023, ALE will focus on smart lighting and present cutting-edge solutions.


ams OSRAM, a global leader in intelligent sensors and emitters, will showcase high-quality light emitters, optical components, micro modules, light sensors and other innovative applications in the automotive field at the ALE with its latest portfolio of products and technologies in sensing, illumination and visualization.

Demo highlights at our ams OSRAM booth:

  • Icarus – provides a working demonstration of a 3D sensing system supporting driver status monitoring, supporting emerging features such as AR head-up display, face recognition authentication, driver fatigue detection, etc.
  • Intelligent Dynamic Front Lighting System – EVIYOS® multi-pixel solution series for automotive headlights, enabling high-resolution dynamic light distribution
  • Ambient RGB - for ambient RGB applications, ams Osram's LEDs offer many advantages in terms of brightness, resolution, design freedom, color uniformity, and enable calibration in larger systems.

Forum speeches

Topic: New generation of high brightness LED light source
The continuous improvement of LED luminous flux now bringing more convenience and changes to the design of headlamps, also making the possibility of high-performance and low-cost LED headlamps.


Kefeng Bao

Senior System Solution Engineer

He has 15 years of experience in the automotive lighting industry and almost 10 years of experience focused on automotive LED applications. He previously worked at XINGYU(Changzhou, TEXIN(SH) and joined ams OSRAM in 2016 where he currently works as a senior system solution engineer who is mainly responsible for automotive LED applications.