Automotive sensing and lighting innovations for a safer, smarter, greener driving experience.

Autonomous driving, electrification, connectivity and new mobility concepts… all of these are topics that will further reshape the value propositions from automotive manufacturers. For sensor technology companies like ams this means technology related to enhanced safety, advanced driver assistance and lighting design will emerge.

Some of these features are mandatory contributors to save lives on the road. Organizations like EURO NCAP and the European Commission are working closely together with car manufacturers to make them standard equipment for cars going forward.

In 2019 the EU commission passed regulations that new vehicles will need to take a leap forward in safety measures which will need to be implemented by 2022. These measures are called the General Safety Regulation and according to the commission and an article from Automotive News Europe car manufacturers will need to implement these new measures as standard on new cars.

Driver Monitoring

The measures include driver monitoring, which is technology to alert and warn drivers if they become distracted, drowsy or use a smartphone; hands-on-detection to check if the driver has their hands on the steering wheel; lane changing/keeping assistance, technology that controls the speed of the car through smart communications with road signs and GPS data amongst other things.

Already this year, car models require driver monitoring systems to qualify for the full NCAP safety rating. How can ams sensor technology help automotive manufactures comply with these changing regulations, while also providing increased comfort and personalization in the car?

Virtual Demo Tour

To find out more, Jim Archibald, field application engineer at ams will take you on a virtual tour around the demonstrations we gave at CES in Las Vegas in January 2020. He will talk about:

  • Hands-on detection, leveraging ams automotive grade capacitive sensors in the steering wheel

  • Optical driver monitoring, using VCSEL flood illuminators and a NIR sensor in the camera system.

  • True solid-state automotive LiDAR, made possible by ams VCSEL technology and the system expertise of our partner Ibeo.

  • Projected lighting with ams micro lens arrays (MLA).



ams brings innovative sensing and lighting technology to the automotive industry. Our products help to create a safer, smarter and greener driving experience.

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