We love to hate our passwords: remembering them, changing them every 90 days, meeting their complex Requ!reMent5. Thankfully, they are becoming a thing of the past, replaced by Fast Identity Online (FIDO).

In a world where 80% of hacking-related breaches involve stolen or weak credentials¹, passwords are past their sell-by date. However, security – of data, of authentication, and of access – is more important than ever, which is why additional measures including multi-factor identification, zero trust security, and biometrics are used to protect people and organizations from ransomware, phishing, and fraud.

So what will replace our passwords? At ams, we believe the future of access security is Fast Identity Online. Also known as FIDO authentication, this access security technology “enables password-only logins to be replaced with secure and fast login experiences.” Today, the FIDO2 web-based API makes it possible for users to authenticate to their login pages via biometrics, mobile devices, or specialized security tokens—replacing passwords with something a user always has with them and that cannot be stolen – for example: their face.

As a leading supplier of 3D technologies underpinning facial recognition in consumer devices, vehicles, and industrial applications, ams decided to join the FIDO Alliance, a consortium of the world’s leading technology companies, dedicated to changing the way online authentication is done. The alliance publishes standards and oversees certification programs. ams leadership in face recognition technology will accelerate adoption of biometric solutions that are far more secure and easier to use than passwords.

Benefits of the ams reference design for the highest security

ams is already working closely with the FIDO Alliance for face recognition technology certification. Current FIDO certifications are around interoperability testing, authenticator levels testing, and biometric component certification. ams has developed a production-ready system that includes all hardware and software components, offering easy face-recognition implementation to mobile phone manufacturers. Our goal: to make it easier and quicker for our customers to deliver higher security standards by reducing their effort in integrating facial recognition capabilities into their products and solutions.

The ams reference design is built for the highest security required in payment and access solutions. Proprietary ams algorithms generate highly accurate and detailed 3D depth maps of the user’s face and use machine learning software to determine a match with the biometric template of the user. By joining the FIDO Alliance, ams can ultimately: 
1) Validate robustness against presentation attacks
2) Facilitate compliance with the European Payment Service Directive (PSD2)
3) leverage EMVCo (smart card payment body) best practices for biometry requirements all with the goal to build trust in the solution beyond self-proclaimed performance figures.

Learn more about our 3D sensing technologies, for consumer and for industrial & smart home applications and check out some of our great videos. Or get in touch with us at sensors@ams.com.

1. FIDO Alliance