As small as a pinhead: ams OSRAM provides the world’s smallest digital camera module for single-use endoscopy

News facts:

  • With an area of one square millimeter, the NanEyeM is the smallest camera module with a fully digital output for medical endoscopes available on the market.
  • The camera module enables single-use applications, guaranteeing high sterility and quantities at a cost-effective price.
  • The NanEyeM delivers high quality images and is available as a complete packaged camera module, including a cable.
  • The camera module is suitable for single-use medical endoscopy equipment required in procedures such as bronchoscopy.


Premstaetten, Austria (27 July 2021) -- ams OSRAM (SIX: AMS), a global leader in optical solutions, expands its NanEye portfolio with the NanEyeM camera module for single-use medical endoscopy. It offers a high resolution that meets current market standards at the smallest available size in the field of digital endoscopy camera modules. In endoscopic procedures, such as bronchoscopy, the transition from reusable to disposable bronchoscopes has recently accelerated. The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered increased demand for disposable bronchoscopes. Single-use applications, for which the NanEyeM is made, ensure a high level of sterility, reducing the likelihood of cross-contamination - essential in critically ill patients with COVID-19. The small dimensions of 1.0 mm x 1.0 mm x 2.7 mm allow the module to be used in the smallest of areas.

“Thanks to its space-saving size, the NanEyeM is made for use in areas of severe size restrictions, which includes single-use applications in bronchoscopy, urological endoscopy or endoscopic procedures in the kidney,” says Dina Aguiar, Marketing Manager at ams OSRAM. “The combination with the requisite high image quality makes the camera module a unique and attractive solution for the fast growing disposable endoscope market.”

Structure of NanEyeM

The module uses a so-called "chip on tip" approach. Here, the image sensor and the optics are placed at the tip of the device (distal end). This results in significantly better image quality than when the camera module is located at the other, proximal end. The NanEyeM offers a fully integrated imaging module, which delivers high quality images thanks to its wafer level multi-element optics. It was specifically designed for optimal performance at close range distances. The lens combines a wide Field of View (FoV) with an extended depth of field (DOF), reducing distortions and delivering a sharp and accurate image. The camera benefits from a digital Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) serial interface, which provides a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). Therefore, the camera is able to transmit over long lengths of cable without loss of signal integrity or increase in noise. NanEyeM additionally boasts a frame rate of up to 49 fps (frames per second) for a smooth, low delay display over a wide range of standard interfaces, while maintaining low power consumption. The image sensor is based on a pixel with a high sensitivity, meaning less illumination is required. This helps to keep heat generation on the tip of the device under control. The module is complemented by a suitable cable, which can be customized up to a length of three meters according to customer requirements. The included cable ensures an overall smooth and seamless integration into the endoscopic device. LED light sources can be supplemented at the tip.

NanEyeM saves space and costs

The fully digital output of the NanEyeM eliminates the cost of an external analog to digital conversion (ADC) because this is done on chip. The module is less susceptible to magnetic interference from medical devices in the surgical environment (EMI/EMC), removing the need for coax or shielded cables. The pre-attached cable saves costs in endoscope manufacturing as it avoids additional acquisition costs. The use of the NanEyeM in disposable endoscopy not only makes it very hygienic, but also saves on maintenance, reprocessing and repair costs that are incurred with reusable endoscopes in everyday clinical practice. In addition, they are available any time because they do not have to be sterilized before the next use. The module has been designed to be produced in mass volume to ensure cost competitiveness and availability.

NanEyeM is the second generation of the NanEye2D from ams OSRAM. The camera module has been released to production and is available for ordering.

You can find more product information here: NanEyeM smallest camera module  

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Download NanEyeM image

With an area of merely one square millimeter, the NanEyeM is the smallest camera module with fully digital output for medical endoscopes on the market. Picture: ams


Download NanEyeM camera module image

The pre-attached cable of the NanEyeM ensures an overall smooth and seamless integration into the endoscopic device. Picture: ams


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