Osram Opto Semiconductors Wins 2017 Xiaomi Smartphone Best Innovation Award


08.06.2018 | Trade Press

Osram Opto Semiconductors was invited to the Xiaomi Core Suppliers Conference 2017, which was also attended by global telecom giants such as Qualcomm, Sony, and Samsung as well as over 100 other Xiaomi core suppliers. In terms of shipment volume, product quality, and innovative capacity of its core components, Osram stood out among Xiaomi’s 152 suppliers, winning the 2017 Xiaomi Smartphone Best Innovation Award.

As a core component of Xiaomi’s flagship phone, Osrams’ Synios P2720 is applied to the phone’s infrared lights for facial recognition. These infrared lights are the only double-layer thin-film chip products on the market. Using a chip with a wavelength of 940nm, Synios P2720 can effectively eliminate the discomfort to the human eye caused by “red glow” that occurs due to incomplete filtering of light. Moreover, the entire human face can be covered with Synios P2720’s 60-degree half-angle range.

In the upcoming full-screen era, facial recognition is considered a new trend in smartphone development. Osrams’ Synios P2720 provides face liveness detection to Xiaomi’s flagship phone, which is different from the case where facial recognition totally relies on the camera and thus effectively resolves the problem of mistakes and insufficient light in facial recognition unlock. The application of Synios P2720 will greatly enhance Xiaomi phone’s facial recognition accuracy and help Xiaomi to have absolute advantages and competitiveness in this new field.

At the conference, Xiaomi’s founder Lei Jun stated that the rebound in Xiaomi smartphone sales volume this year could not have been achieved without the support of suppliers:” It takes teamwork from the best suppliers in the world to ensure our product quality, product supply, and improved service for our customers!”

Osram has been one of Xiaomi’s core suppliers for six years, beginning with its chip LED used for Xiaomi’s remote control function and continuing on to its infrared products used for the company’s high-end flagship phones of today. Cooperation between the two companies is only becoming tighter with time. In the future, also LEDs will be integrated into Xiaomi’s high-end flagship phones for visible light applications like flash. Looking ahead, Osram will continue supplying Xiaomi premium-quality phones with its outstanding innovative capacity, helping the latter to further expand its business in the global smartphone market.