LED luminaires as accessories


Cuby in the shoe cabinet

Osram turns award-winning LED products into lifestyle accessories with Cuby and Raystar

The new Osram LED accessories Cuby and Raystar combine energy efficient LED technology with elegant design in a range of colors. Designed as cubes and flashlights, they can bring light and color to shelves, cars and even handbags. The winning feature of the practical miniature luminaires is that Cuby and Raystar need no batteries. The integrated rechargeable battery is simply charged via a USB port. The design of the new products also impressed the jury of the "Red Dot Design Award", with both LED accessories from Osram receiving the coveted Design Prize in 2012.

Whether you use them to find keys in the dark, to light shelves or as a reading lamp in the car, Osram's new Cuby and Raystar LED luminaires are a handy day-to-day solution that can tackle any challenge. The energy-efficient LED technology inside them is protected by a dirt-resistant rubberized silicone material that is both pleasing to the touch and shockproof. The light weight and small size of the luminaires makes these LED accessories the perfect travel companions.


Bright, durable, efficient and chargeable via USB

These new lifestyle products also benefit from the advantages of LED light: LEDs convert energy almost exclusively into light, not into heat, making them extremely efficient. This means they are very bright but do not use much energy. LEDs also have an extremely long service life and the luminaires in the accessories will not need to be replaced.

Cuby and Raystar are not powered by disposable batteries like similar products, but by rechargeable batteries with a running time of three hours. A special feature in this respect is that the batteries can simply be charged via a USB interface thanks to the charger cable that comes with them, as is already common for mobile phones and smartphones. Simply connect to a notebook or PC and the LED accessory is ready for use again in just a short time.


Cuby and Raystar can be used anytime and anywhere

As its name implies, Cuby is shaped like a cube and with 20 Lumens is ideally suited as a reading lamp and for accent lighting. The compact LED cube luminaire can be attached virtually anywhere thanks to a flexible and bendable clip. Be it the interior hand grip in a car, kitchen wall cabinets or the clothes rail in a wardrobe, Osram's Cuby can quickly and easily illuminate dark corners in the home or in the car.

The compact flashlight form of Raystar makes it ideal for when you're on the move. Stowed in the glove compartment, the centre console or a handbag, the LED luminaire is to hand just when you need it. Fumbling for the right key in a dark hallway is a thing of the past.

Acclaimed design

The jury members of the renowned "Red Dot Design Award" were also highly impressed by the elegant design of the Osram LED products. Among the 4,500 or so new products submitted for consideration, the LED accessories Cuby and Raystar won two of the coveted prizes. In addition to the classic colors "black label" (black) and "snow" (white), the new LED luminaires are also available in "love" (pink) and "sky" (blue). The black versions are available at a price of Euro 19.99 (recommended retail price) in May. The colored versions will follow in summer.


OSRAM AG (Munich, Germany) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Siemens AG and one of the two leading light manufacturers in the world. In fiscal year 2011 (ended September 30, 2011), it generated revenue of about 5 billion Euros. Osram is a high-tech company in the lighting sector and more than 70 percent of its revenue comes from energy efficient products. The company, which is very much internationally oriented, has around 41,000 employees worldwide, supplying customers in 150 countries from its 44 production sites in 16 countries (as of September 30, 2011). Additional information can be found in the internet at www.osram-group.com.