Osram launches its first LED replacement headlamp

LEDriving FOG

With its Ledriving Fog combined daytime running light / fog lamp Osram is introducing its first fully functioning replacement LED headlamp. It replaces conventional halogen fog lamps in many car models with state-of-the-art LED technology. The number one in the automotive light sector is also extending its retrofit spectrum to include an inexpensive daytime running light with a four-pixel LED as well as colored retrofit lamps for vehicle interiors.

Ledriving Fog: well combined

The Ledriving Fog combined daytime running light / fog lamp with LED fiber optics is the first replacement headlamp from Osram for cars and trucks. With its rounded design and 90 millimeter diameter it can fully replace many conventional fog lamps with halogen technology without modifications to the car. This new LED product not only upgrades the technical capability of the car, it also provides drivers with an additional feature since Ledriving Fog is also a daytime running light. LEDs in OEM quality are used for both functions. The LED light guide for the daytime running light function ensures uniformly bright light and a dynamic appearance – and in turn ensures better seeing and being seen. Thanks to a wider LED beam angle the fog light enables significantly better visibility even in poor weather conditions, and the brand product complies completely with ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) guidelines for both functions. But as well as design and functionality there is also an economic advantage: Ledriving Fog consumes up to 70% less electrical energy than conventional fog lights.

Ledriving PX-4: A striking design, and quickly fitted

Those who want to economically give their vehicle a modern design and at the same time improve safety in road traffic can accomplish this with the retrofit Ledriving PX-4 daytime running light. The product has a strikingly dotted luminous surface, a slender design and suits most vehicle models. Contrary to many low-price no-name products, the daytime running light from Osram complies completely to the standards of the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE), and can be fitted in around 60 minutes with hardly any effort.

Retrofits for interiors: creating an energy-efficient atmosphere

LEDs are also popular for accent lighting in vehicle interiors. The retrofits from Osram fit into conventional incandescent lamp bases of types W5W, C5W and T4W. The 12V product spectrum – available until now in cool white and warm white – has been expanded by the light manufacturer with two coloured W5W variants, blue and yellow LED lamps, and these create striking accents for boot, instrument and glove compartment lighting. Retrofits of types W5W and T4W in cool white or warm white are now also available for buses and trucks, ensuring a pleasant atmosphere in the cabin for long-duty drivers. Thanks to a special optic, the LED retrofit lamps feature homogeneous light, and emit this with a high level of energy efficiency, consuming up to 80% less power than conventional lamps.

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