More than light


Lightify Plug

Lightify Switch

- The intelligent Lightify Switch: A switch with individually configurable functions
- The flexible Lightify Plug: A socket outlet that’s switchable via app and switch

With the new “Lightify Switch” operating element and the “Lightify Plug” system expansion, the Lightify Home version now offers products for the first time that exceed pure lighting applications – the Switch is a switch that can be individually configured for all Lightify products, and the Plug now enables many favorite luminaires and other devices to be connected to the smart control that otherwise could not be operated via Lightify.

Lightify Home takes a further decisive step towards the “Internet of Things” with its two latest products, offering a simple start into the theme of smart homes: The Switch brings together the convenient operation of a standard light switch with the mobility and functional diversity of the Lightify app – in this way smart phones and tablet computers are not needed for operation. After setting up once using the app, the handy mobile switch adopts up to eight different, freely configurable functions. This means just the press of a button is needed to switch complete groups or rooms and call scenes, for example dimming or color changes. The commands are transmitted directly to the Lightify components without a detour via the Gateway.

The Lightify Plug now also enables luminaires that could previously not offer any Lightify functionality to be switched via the intelligent control system. Thanks to this intermediate plug, a retro lava lamp in the living room or desk luminaire can now be operated either via the Lightify app (for iOS and Android) or with the new Switch. In addition to radio-based operation, the Plug can also be switched with a button on its upper side. Other electronic devices can also be operated instead of luminaires if relevant safety precautions are observed, for example mobile refrigerators or ventilators in summer as well as entertainment or office equipment with high standby consumption.

Also new in the Lightify Home program, to be marketed in future by Ledvance, is the Classic B 40, the first candle-shaped Lightify lamp with an E14 base. This 40 watt replacement is available in “Tunable White”, enabling color temperature to be steplessly modified between warm white (2,700 K) and cool white (6,500 Kelvin) via app. The Lightify lamp PAR16 RGBW with GU10 base on the other hand provides maximum possible Lightify functionality, including over 16 million possible colors. This LED lamp can for example replace 50 watt high voltage tungsten halogen lamps that are no longer permitted to be brought to market in the EU from September 2016.


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