ams M3L_DEM_MO Evaluation kit



This demo kit is the world’s smallest, high-resolution, low-voltage, closed-loop linear motion system. It provides 0.5 micron position resolution at less than ½ the size and ¼ the weight of comparable positioning systems. Typical travel range of this demo kit is up to 6 mm, with custom variations offering up to 20 mm travel. Our world-class micromechatronics engineering team can also provide expertise in your application-specific, single- or multi-axis design, providing unrivalled precision in the smallest possible spaces. This demo kit is ideal for precision automated control of variable inductors and trimmer capacitors in RF and microwave tuning systems, and of optical elements in photonics tuning systems. It provides reliable performance in a wide range of optical, handheld and precision instrumentation for security and biomedical products.


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