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ams NANO-FIB-BOX_EVM_MO Evaluation kit



NanEye Fiber Optic Box Demo Kit 2.0 is a fully embedded all in one image processing unit that interfaces the NanEye® micro camera head signals and provides an output of 1080p/60 format HDMI video signal, which can be directly plugged to a HDMI compatible monitor. No additional PC or image processing is required. The Demo Kit embeds advanced image processing algorithms to automatic control exposure and gain settings, construct the color data from the raw binary stream and displays an output image of 750 x 750 pixels over an HDMI interface. The USB3 interface allows the connection to the NanEye viewer software, running on a PC to get access to the sensor’s raw images and control settings, as well as apply image processing algorithms integrated in the NanEye viewer. The unit is supplied by a 12V wall charger and provides galvanic isolation to the camera head. It can interface to any standard monitor with HDMI input. The main body of the Demo Kit measures only 17cm x 17cm x 5.6cm and provides all necessary video processing.

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