ams AS89000 Transimpedance-Amplifier

ams AS89000 Transimpedance-Amplifier
ams AS89000 Transimpedance-Amplifier


The AS89000-devices are a family of integrated circuits of programmable gain transimpedance amplifiers with 4 channels per IC (more custom specific, on request).
The AS89000-devices are mainly used for signal conditioning of sensors with current outputs. They are especially suitable for connection of photodiodes of array and row sensors. The possibility to adjust the transimpedance in 8 stages is a special feature. The adjustment is made by programming three pins and is valid for all channels together. The device packages (naked chip on request) are RoHS conform and optimized for COB- mounting and SMD.



  • 4-channel resistive transimpedance amplifier
  • Programmable in 8 levels - 25 kΩ to 20 MΩ, 25 nA to 20 μA, 6 to 300 kHz
  • Integrated compensation of input capacities
  • Temperature compensation on chip possible by using of channel 4
  • Power down mode
  • Output analog voltage values


  • Signal conditioning of sensors with current outputs
  • Adjustment of the transimpedance in 8 stages per firmware
  • Suitable for signal frequencies in the range of 6 to 300kHz
  • COB- mounting and SMD
  • Low power consumption




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