Benchmark for Smart & Digital H/L solutions

EVIYOS® for automotive & mobility applications

EVIYOS® for automotive & mobility applications

Intelligent and high resolution forward lighting raises automotive safety to a new level, with the EVIYOS® 2.0. 25.600 pixels are automatically switched on or off realizing high resolution adaptive driving beam (ADB) enabling glare free high beam functionality while increasing the safety for the driver and the environment. The technology revolutionize the era of H/L solutions by allowing road projection of legal safety relevant symbols and coming home/leaving home scenarios. EVIYOS® is the world’s brightest and space-optimized solution from ams OSRAM providing a compact solution to realize both visualization and illumination required for future HD H/L solutions.



  • 25.600 individual controllable light pixels
  • Flexible aspect ratio 1:3 or 1:4 (same footprint)
  • LED/IC-Hybrid + Companion ASIC
  • High resolution ADB
  • Road projection
  • 40µ pixel pitch


  • Best energy efficient solution
  • Best in-class contrast – brightness correlation
  • Best in class resolution (0.1-0.05°depending on optics)
  • Scalable system provides large FoV