Mini TOPLED® – Small size high-flux LED for slim designs.

Mini TOPLED® for industrial applications

Mini TOPLED® for industrial applications

With its small package size, integrated reflector, homogenous and extremely wide viewing angle it is a perfect product for LCD backlighting, switches, indicators, radios etc.



  • Package: white SMT package, colored diffused silicone resin or colorless clear resin
  • Chip technology: ThinGaN or InGaAlP
  • Typ. Radiation: 120° (Lambertian emitter)
  • Corrosion Robustness Class: 3B


  • Small pre-mold package with reflector
  • Broad portfolio available
  • Package family comprising two different package dimensions with one common solder pad
  • All products offering improved corrosion robustness
  • At least 2kV ESD-stability (HBM)