Perfectly addressing applications that demand for high efficiency and long lifetime.

OSCONIQ® P for lighting applications

OSCONIQ® P for lighting applications

Until now, costly ceramic-based LEDs are used for professional exterior lighting applications. With the OSCONIQ® P series ams OSRAM is now offering epoxy-based packages that provide superior lumen/$. In addition, the new OSCONIQ® P high-power and ultra-high-power LEDs provide uncompromising reliability and performance. To achieve this, we have transferred our special automotive experience in combining competitive lead frame technology and high-power chips in the field of high volume products for General Lighting.



  • OSCONIQ® P 2226 white & colors Full mid-power color portfolio
  • Professional grade robustness and corrosion resistance
  • Compact footprint of 2.6 mm x 2.2 mm
  • Wide operating range of current and temperature OSCONIQ® P 3030 (1W) High flux, high efficacy, high lm/$ - max driving current at 1.3A
  • EMC package provides cost advantage to ceramics
  • High reliability and long lifetime: L70 > 70K hrs*, DLC premium
  • Excellent corrosion robustness: H2S tested
  • Available in low CCT 2200K
  • Color portfolio including deep blue, blue, verde, true green, amber, red, hyper-red and yellow OSCONIQ® P 3737 Long lifetime
  • Maximum light output at minimized package size
  • Enables very compact luminaire designs
  • CRI 70, 80, 90
  • Flat and lensed LED version


  • OSCONIQ® P 2226 white & colors
  • This OSCONIQ® P mid power device enables superior fixture and lamp designs, because of its high corrosion resistance and wide operating range the OSCONIQ® P 2226 is perfectly suitable for professional lighting applications.
  • It combines a compact package with high performance and a wide operating range of current and temperature, thus allowing complete new design flexibility.
  • OSCONIQ® P 2226 offers freedom to choose from different colors and white versions with the same small footprint.
  • OSCONIQ® P 3030 (1W) white & colors The OSCONIQ® P 3030 offers proven technology with excellent track record.
  • The device comes with ideal Chip Technology for High-Power Applications requiring high flux density, efficacy and superior robustness, used in high volume for several years in Outdoor and Industrial Lighting, Automotive, and many more.
  • The portfolio contains white and color versions for various applications including horticulture lighting. OSCONIQ® P 3737 (2W, 3W) The OSCONIQ® P high-power LED comes in different versions. It provides uncompromising reliability and performance for high demanding professional applications in lighting.