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OSRAM brand licensing program

Thank you for your interest in the OSRAM Brand Licensing Program. Appreciation for the OSRAM brand extends far beyond those who use our lighting products.

If you would like to learn more about brand licensing with OSRAM, please continue to read. If you would like to receive the OSRAM Brand Licensing Application form, please contact directly.

In addition to our OSRAM Brand Licensing Program, we also offer the opportunity to some companies to participate in our Partner Program, and/or to showcase our product as an ingredient in your product, via our ams OSRAM technologized-signet. If you’re interested in one of these opportunities, please also contact us via

Through licensing our OSRAM brand we continue to build and enhance brand equity and drive consumer loyalty throughout all touch points in their homes, cars and lives. Today we manage licensing programs within lighting and automotive categories across the United States, China, and currently evaluating global opportunities.

Building a brand takes time and investment. We help accelerate the process and create the best conditions for success by offering access to our recognized brand. Becoming a brand partner means faster time to market and a greater chance of regional and global brand success.

We set high standards and work with brand partners who share our commitment to create innovation that’s meaningful and focused on improving lives. Cultivating a partnership with us will foster a long-term business relationship that will ultimately lead to bringing impactful innovations to market.

Building strategic partnerships with our licensing business partners allows our licensees to go to market with our established brand which consumers and business partners have known and trusted for well over a century.  Additionally, we have a dedicated licensing team that will support you to ensure you maximize the value of the brand in the strategic development of your business.

The OSRAM Brand Licensing team creates category extensions through licensing the OSRAM brand. Our brand licensing program is strongly aligned with the core business and focuses on creating quality brand extensions in lighting, automotive, wellbeing, sustainability, Do It Yourself products, safety apparel, horticulture and more. 

The OSRAM brand sets a benchmark. OSRAM and its orange & white light bulb-icon are synonymous with German quality, technology and innovation. It signals engineering precision and builds on our heritage. 

Given OSRAM’s expertise in driving lamp technology for over a century and its leading position in the transition to LED, one might think the brand would only apply to lamps. Nothing could be further from the truth; Primarily focused on semiconductor-based technologies, OSRAM products are used in highly diverse applications ranging from virtual reality to autonomous driving and from smart phones to smart and connected lighting solutions in buildings and cities. Whatever technology is state-of-the-art, it was driven by the OSRAM brand or developed by it. The same quality and care that have maintained the name through decades are now reflected in a comprehensive program called the OSRAM BRAND LICENSING PROGRAM. 

The OSRAM brand is owned by ams OSRAM. ams acquired OSRAM, based in Munich, Germany in 2020, because of its leading global high-tech position with a history dating back more than 110 years. OSRAM uses the endless possibilities of light to improve the quality of life for individuals and communities. OSRAM’s innovations enable people all over the world not only to see better, but also to communicate, travel, work and live better.

Today we offer the opportunity to join the OSRAM Brand Licensing Program to carefully selected and specialized licensees. Continuous investment in the OSRAM brand by ams OSRAM and the Brand Partners increases the OSRAM brand visibility across the world. Together we drive sales, decrease risks, save investments, enable cross- and upselling, create access to new markets and continuously strengthen the brand. We are partners for mutual success. Every single partner is dedicated to the OSRAM brand promise. 

OSRAM uses the infinite possibilities of light to improve the quality of life for individuals and communities. Use of the OSRAM brand will grant immediate visibility and awareness. OSRAM’s innovations will enable people all over the world not only to see better, but also to communicate, travel, work and live better.
Our exciting new technologies, products and solutions bring a gleam to the eyes of our customers. We serve them with dedication and put strong relationships and customer understanding at the heart of our business. With our deep application expertise across industries and technologies and by anticipating the right innovations we contribute to our customers’ competitive edge. As an industry leader, we have a legacy of delivering on our promises – reliably, globally, and for over a century.


The OSRAM brand licensing program benefits in short:

  • Use of well-known and well-protected OSRAM brand 
  • Immediate visibility, awareness in market
  • Continuous investment in brand by OSRAM and Brand Partners
  • Drive sales
  • Reduce risks, save investments
  • Justification price premium
  • Cross- and up-selling opportunities
  • Access to new markets
  • Access to Partner Network of licensees
  • Flexibility: OSRAM licensees retain product design and control. Once a product category is assigned to a licensee, that licensee is completely responsible for the design, manufacturing, distribution, and sales of that product. In other words, Licensees retain control of the process, while having access to the power of OSRAM brand heritage and partner support.

How to become a brand partner

If you would like to learn more about licensing with OSRAM, please request the Brand licensing application form with and return the completed form to

Get to Know
Please read through the information on these OSRAM Brand Licensing Program pages to get to know more about OSRAM, the existing OSRAM brand categories and the categories in which we are looking to extend, its history, etc. Once we have reviewed your application form, we will get to know you and deepen our understanding of your potential and our joint interest in the OSRAM brand and we will reach out to you.

If after our getting to know each other we wish to join forces, we will enter into a brand license agreement. This brand license agreement will be shared with you by after having received the completed Brand licensing application form.

Once the brand license agreement is signed, we will share our brand guidelines with you and include you in our brand license partner community, and provide you access to other relevant OSRAM brand license material, contact details and information. 
Together we will also periodically (re-)asses the added value of our cooperation in the OSRAM Brand License Program.

Product Categories

OSRAM is looking to extend the brand in the following product categories:
  • Solar Panels & Systems
  • Do It Yourself Products
  • Horticulture
  • Safety Products & Apparel
  • Luminaires
  • Climate Control
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Car charging & Charging stations
  • Air purifiers
  • Your opportunity?
Current Partners – Brand Licensing Program*
  • Ledvance (lamps)
  • Traxon (Professional General Lighting Luminaires, Dynamic Lighting in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao, additional Fixed list of General Lighting products
  • UAP (Ignition Coils) in Mainland China
* Territory and scope of products/services subject to contract. Our OSRAM Brand Licensing Partners are authorized to use the OSRAM brand on their agreed products. They are not allowed to grant others the right to use the OSRAM brand. OSRAM is a registered trademark of OSRAM GmbH.
For more information, please contact