greenteg AG

Partner overview

greenteg was founded in 2009 in Zürich, Switzerland. greenteg develops and manufactures certified thermal heat flux sensors that are integrated into smart wearables across various industries worldwide. Our collaborations with engineers, scientists, and international research teams, who trust our technology, reflect our continued commitment to staying ahead with our technology and exploring new avenues of innovation. In 2020 greenteg launched the first non-invasive, continuous core body temperature monitoring patch for usage during endurance sports. Since then, additional innovation followed, e.g.  core body temperature tracking  in hybrid smart watches with embedded Calera® technology,  already avalibale in market.

Partnership focus

greenteg is collaborating within this partnership with ams OSRAM and our joint customer base on developing new generation of wearables, which will include an additional health matrix to track core body temperature.  With the integration of greenteg`s CALERA® technology, greenteg is offering a reference design, which includes the gSKIN XU heat flux sensor, ams OSRAM AS6221 skin temperature sensor, and the machine learning based core temperature algorithm plus our expertise for thermal and electrical integration into wearables. 

Together we will revolutionize the way core body temperature is monitored through seamless integration with wearable technologies. Highest accuracy digital thermal sensor by ams OSRAM plus greenteg's integration for body core temperature analytics, available as reference design, help us to address new customers with the highest professional standards.

The combined solution offering enables a fast track for  prototyping and a competitive overall offering to the end customer.