Chinese Webinar: ams OSRAM automotive interior intelligent RGB LED: showcasing the beauty of dynamic colors and light effects


Watch our on-demand Chinese webinar about automotive interior intelligent RGB LEDs

With continuous technological advancements and the growing consumer demand for personalization, automotive interior lighting is experiencing a significant revolution. ams OSRAM, a global leader in optical solutions, is pioneering this change with its innovative RGBi interior lighting series.

ams OSRAM’s RGBi series enhances the comfort and personalization of automotive interior environment by offering diverse color and brightness options. With precise color control, these efficient LED lights not only increase passenger comfort but also add a touch of luxury to the vehicle. Whether for reading, relaxing, or creating a specific ambiance, these lights can be easily customized via a user-friendly interface, making every driving experience unique.

With ongoing innovation and breakthroughs in the field of automotive lighting, future vehicles will not just be a means of transportation but will become emotional and intelligent mobile spaces. ams OSRAM’s RGBi series delivers superior lighting quality, benefiting automakers with new avenues to enhance their brand image and competitive edge. By meeting consumer demands for personalization and smart features, these technologies are set to revolutionize the passenger experience.

Time: June 20, 2024, 10:00 - 11:30, GMT+8, Thursday 

By attending this webinar you will gain insights on:
  • Current trends in automotive interior ambient lighting
  • Challenges and critical needs while implementing RGB automotive ambient lighting
  • Overview of ams OSRAM’s automotive RGB product portfolio
  • Introduction to the OSIRE® E3731i intelligent RGB LED


Mingjie Dou

Senior Market Manager - Automotive Visible Light

Dou Mingjie has extensive experience in sales across various semiconductor companies, focusing on consumer electronics, industrial, and automotive applications. He joined ams OSRAM in 2011 and has over a decade of experience in marketing and product strategy for automotive visible light devices. With deep ongoing collaborations with major OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers in the Asia-Pacific region, Dou offers valuable insights into the trends and current practices in automotive interior and exterior lighting applications.