Manufacturers of automotive forward lighting to benefit from system cost reduction and higher energy efficiency with launch of new OSLON® Compact PL LEDs

  • New third generation LED, producing 440 lm in single-chip variant, up from 405 lm in previous generation, reduces cost by enabling manufacturers of headlamps and daytime running lamps to produce a specified luminous output with fewer LEDs
  • Higher efficacy of new LED means that car manufacturers can increase vehicles’ energy efficiency and reduce their CO2 emissions

Premstaetten, Austria and Munich, Germany (June 22, 2023) -- ams OSRAM (SIX: AMS), a global leader in optical solutions, introduces the third generation of its popular OSLON® Compact PL family of automotive LEDs, with a technical improvement of eight percent higher brightness than the second generation. By producing the luminous output required by safety specifications with fewer LEDs, the new OSLON® Compact PL LEDs offer manufacturers of automotive forward lighting higher value and new design options.

Compact LEDs housed in a robust ceramic package, the OSLON® Compact PL products are a common component of forward lighting assemblies across all segments of the automotive market, from budget to premium. ams OSRAM has supplied ~100 billion LEDs in vehicles since 1990, making it a clear leader in the automotive lighting market, and a key enabler of the improved safety record of vehicles on the road today. The widely used OSLON® Compact PL products provide a reliable, standards-compliant light output for high- and low-beam headlamps and for daytime running lamps.

The third-generation OSLON® Compact PL continues a long trend of increasing energy efficiency. Since 2017, ams OSRAM has increased the efficacy of this popular product family by 33 %, (24.6 lm/W). The increasing efficacy of these LEDs enables car manufacturers to reduce the climate impact of operating vehicle lighting systems. The higher brightness of the new OSLON® Compact PL also gives lighting equipment designers a wider set of options for the choice of components in the optical assembly, such as light guides.

Florian Fink, Product Marketing Manager at ams OSRAM, said: ‘The latest version of the OSLON® Compact PL benefits from ams OSRAM’s world leadership in LED chip and package technology. Higher optical power output from the same footprint means that automotive OEMs can now do more with less.’

Multiple variants give design flexibility

The new AEC-Q102 qualified OSLON® Compact PL is based on ams OSRAM’s advanced UX.3 chip. It is certified for corrosion robustness to Class 3A.

The single-chip variant produces a typical luminous output of 440 lm, compared to the second generation’s 405 lm. The OSLON® Compact PL is also available in 2-, 3- and 4-chip variants, and with a light emitting surface area of up to (1150 µm)2.

Two package options are available. The three-pad version includes one isolated thermal pad for increased heat dissipation. The two-pad version has larger pads to provide a more stable bond with a low-cost aluminum PCB.

The six products in the 3rd generation OSLON® Compact PL series are:

The OSLON® Compact PL is available to order for volume production now. For more information, please visit:

ams OSRAM is a global leader in the areas of Automotive and Mobility, and number one in the market for automotive lighting according to TrendForce’s LED Industry Quarterly Report 2/2023. The company´s optical components and innovative technology are used in almost every major area of a vehicle: from exterior lighting with top LED technology for headlights, to rear lighting, decorative lighting and interior lighting.

The company is a leader in LiDAR technology, providing both edge-emitting laser (EEL) and vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) technology. In-cabin sensing technology enables driver and passenger monitoring, while highly precise sensing technology for electric vehicles includes stray-field immune position sensors and battery monitoring sensors. Additionally, ams OSRAM is the leader in automotive aftermarket and replacement lighting.


Product Image for the OSLON® Compact PL LED.
Image: ams OSRAM


Application Image for the OSLON® Compact PL LED.
Image: ams OSRAM


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