Osram joins the global sustainability initiative Global LEAP


"Global Lighting and Energy Access Partnership“ (Global LEAP) aims to improve global access to energy and lighting

OSRAM AG is one of the first companies worldwide to join the Global LEAP initiative launched by the United Nations and the World Bank. The sustainability initiative was officially launched on April 26, 2012 in London. One important target is to make energy-efficient lighting available to virtually everyone in the world. Having conducted countless independent projects in recent years, Osram will now be joining governments and other companies in increasing its commitment to sustainability. "At present, about a quarter of the world's population has no access to electric light. Global LEAP and Osram want to change this. So joining the Global LEAP initiative is a logical step," said Constantin Birnstiel, Chief Sustainability Officer of OSRAM AG.

By joining Global LEAP, Osram will be further increasing its strong, long-established commitment to sustainability. The company has been conducting an internationally unique project on Kenya's Lake Victoria since 2008, helping provide a non-mains light supply. Locals can save money and protect the environment by recharging batteries for energy-saving lamps and other electrical devices at specially constructed energy stations. This helps the local fishermen to save the untold tons of CO2 which they would have produced if they had continued to use kerosene lamps.

In 2008, Osram was awarded the German Sustainability Prize for its energy-efficient product portfolio. Over 70 percent of the company's sales volume is already being generated by such products. High-quality and energy-efficient lamps help in several ways: Firstly, their long service life saves costs, as replacement lamps need to be purchased less frequently. Secondly, they use less electricity, minimizing operating costs.

Global LEAP, a joint initiative mounted by governments and companies, aims to improve global access to energy and lighting by means of knowledge transfer and common solutions. At present, about a quarter of the world's population has no access to electric light. Global LEAP and Osram agree that this must change. To achieve this aim, Osram will be contributing its expertise in the development and distribution of high-quality, energy-efficient lamps.


OSRAM AG (Munich, Germany) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Siemens AG and one of the two leading light manufacturers in the world. In fiscal year 2011 (ended September 30, 2011), it generated revenue of about 5 billion Euros. Osram is a high-tech company in the lighting sector and more than 70 percent of its revenue comes from energy efficient products. The company, which is very much internationally oriented, has around 41,000 employees worldwide, supplying customers in 150 countries from its 44 production sites in 16 countries (as of September 30, 2011). Additional information can be found in the internet at www.osram-group.com.