ams AS8579 Capacitive Sensor

ams AS8579 Capacitive Sensor
Longevity January 2031
ams AS8579 Capacitive Sensor
Longevity January 2031

Product features

The AS8579 is a capacitive sensor that detects the change of capacity in different applications. The capacitive sensor measures the impedance that originates between a conducting surface (metallic object) and a human being. The IC captures the current of a metal object and applies algorithms to determine the capacitive and resistive information. The outcome information can be read through a SPI Interface that can be also used for IC configuration. This high precision performance sensor also supports a multitude of diagnostic features that meet standard functional safety requirements. The capacitive sensing IC is specifically designed to function in an electro-magnetic environment (EMC) with high magnetic disturbances. This allows the sensor to distinguish in a hands-on application if the driver‘s hand is on the steering wheel or not. The AS8579 is available in an SSOP24 package and operates at a supply voltage of 5V.




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