Position sensors

Intelligent position sensors from ams OSRAM make your application smarter. ams OSRAM magnetic and inductive sensor ICs deliver best-in-class, effective and true stray field immune position sensing.

ams OSRAM magnetic and inductive sensor

ams OSRAM magnetic and inductive sensor ICs deliver best-in-class, effective and true stray field immune position sensing.
Fit for motor control and any tough position sensing applications in the industrial, consumer and automotive field.

Magnetic position sensors contactless measure the absolute angle of a diametric magnetized on-axis magnet. Its robust design eliminates the influence of any homogenous external magnetic stray fields.

Besides our broad magnetic position sensor portfolio, we also offer inductive technology. Inductive position sensors contactless measure the coupling between coils and a moveable target. The coils are executed as printed circuit and the target is a simple punched metal part.


  • Stray Field Immunity - outperform ISO11452-8
  • Improved Accuracy & Lowest Propagation Delay
  • Increased Functionality + ISO26262 Support
  • Increases Battery Endurance
  • Innovative Package Options

Motor position sensing

Motor position detection – flexible designs and highly accurate position sensing also at higher rotational speed.

Applications: industry hub motor, robotic joint motor position, electric drive motors and any other motor-driven application equipped with BLDC motors, PMSM motors or servo motor control.

ams OSRAM’s position sensors used in electronically commutated motors improve the adjustment control of torque at start-up and in high-speed operation. Effective torque control provides more efficient motor operation, and eliminates vibration and other interfering mechanical effects caused by torque ripple.

Motor position sensing

Angle position

Contactless and super precise position sensing fitting in many different applications and also reliable in harsh environments.

Applications: position sensing of robotic joints, robot gripper position, rotary knobs and switches, potentiometer replacement, e-bike derailleur position.

ams OSRAM offers a broad range of high-performance position sensors, which are suitable for use in small, battery-driven consumer-application and also redundant, safety-critical automotive-applications.

Angle position

Linear movement sensing

Contactless linear movement sensing with flexible and small form factor.

Applications: lens position of VR-glasses; smart toothbrush head, camera lens position, servo drive and reliable position sensing in medical surgery robots.

The linear magnetic position sensor product family measures the linear movement of a multi-pole magnetic strip. Circular multi-pole magnetic rings can also be used in rotary incremental rotation off-axis applications. This high precision product family allows the user to detect linear movement with a resolution as fine as 0.5μm. All products are aimed at applications, which require extreme precision, accuracy, dynamic range and ultra-low power consumption

Position sensor solutions