New ams OSRAM OSTAR® LEDs bring vivid colors, sharper contrast and increased brightness to mini projectors with 0.33“ DMD

  • OSTAR® Projection Power LE xx P1MS/AS LEDs produce up to 880 lm on projector level in four-channel configuration
  • Compact, thermally efficient package and isolated chip technology result in very high current density and high brightness
  • OSTAR® Projection Power family helps projector manufacturers achieve superior optical performance in space-saving product designs

Premstaetten, Austria and Munich, Germany (October 19, 2023) -- ams OSRAM (SIX: AMS), a global leader in intelligent sensors and emitters, today adds four new LEDs to its family of OSTAR® Projection Power products. The new LEDs produce superior optical performance in projection equipment that is based on a 0.33“ DMD (Digital Micromirror Device) imager.

The new OSTAR® Projection Power LE xx P1MS/AS LEDs have a very close etendue match with the 0.33“ DMD imager. The LEDs are available in Blue, Amber, Deep Blue and Converted Green colors. When used in a typical four-channel configuration, these OSTAR® Projection Power LEDs produce an output of 880 lm on projector level. This is five percent brighter than the next best 0.33“ DMD-compatible LEDs available from competitors, according to internal ams OSRAM tests.

The OSTAR® Projection Power LE xx P1MS/AS LEDs are supplied in a compact package with a footprint of just 6.8 mm x 7.6 mm. The package has a copper metal-core PCB with isolated solder pad, making thermal system design easier and reducing the cost of thermal components.

The excellent thermal performance of the OSTAR® Projection Power LE xx P1MS/AS also supports very high current density and brightness – 6.6 A/mm2 for the Blue, Deep Blue and Converted Green LEDs, and 4.5 A/mm2 for Amber.

In multi-channel configurations, the LEDs support serial connection with a low forward current, enabling the use of a simpler, lower-cost LED driver.

Tony Tam, Senior Marketing Manager of ams OSRAM, said: ‘More vivid colors and sharper contrast in products such as home theatre projectors are now possible thanks to the high brightness of the latest OSTAR® Projection Power LEDs and their excellent etendue match with 0.33“ DMD imagers.’

The new OSTAR® Projection Power LE xx P1MS/AS LEDs are ideal for other applications in addition to projectors. These include endoscopes, 3D scanners, and machine vision equipment.

The OSTAR® Projection Power LE xx P1MS/AS LEDs are available now in production volume. For sample requests or for more technical information, please visit us at Industrial - Projection and Display

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Converted Green


Deep Blue


Product picture OSTAR® Projection Power LE xx P1MS/AS

Image: ams OSRAM


Application picture OSTAR® Projection Power LE xx P1MS/AS

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