Turn-key solutions for mobility

Mobility is becoming increasingly connected. Cars of the future will be connected, communicative and intelligent. Optical solutions play a key role in making automobile traffic smarter, safer, more convenient and even greener.

We are your foundry partner for realizing automotive optical solutions for key applications such as Sensor Interfaces, LED/LCD Drivers or Automated Bus Systems. Our portfolio covers the market segments of LIDAR, Headlamps, Motor Drives, Airflow, Humidity sensing, Gas sensing and more.

Realize your own design with ams OSRAM as trusted business partner and benefit from our decades of experience in the automotive sector.

ams OSRAM full-service foundry solutions for mobility

We can serve with

  • Low noise high voltage Automotive Certified Operations (ISO/TS 16949)
  • Automotive Foundry Flow for Safety Critical Applications
  • AECQ-100 Grade: -40 deg. To +150 deg.
  • Turnkey solutions in the automotive area
  • Filter on silicon packaged for automated optical system assembly, band pass filter
  • Very narrow, steep band pass filter with very high side-band suppression
  • Wide range of proven IP blocks
  • PDK (Process Design Kit) support

Get your access to the PDK now and download the Process Design Kit from our Foundry Support Server.

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ams OSRAM full service foundry process design kit