Enabling next generation diagnostics

The healthcare sector is changing rapidly. Whether through wearables, rapid digital testing or smartphones with extra functionality monitoring, diagnostics develop towards more personalized and independent of location applications.

With our CMOS and sensor technologies we are your foundry partner for realizing medical optical solutions for key applications such as Pulse oximetry, Pacemaker Defibrillators, Point of Care diagnostics and Lab-on-a-chip applications.

Our portfolio ranges from Pulse oximetry, Silicon Photonics, Photonic sensors and Photonic ICs to Ultrasound Sensor IP, Medical Imaging IF and PET.

ams OSRAM full service foundry medical solutions

We can serve with

  • Medical Class III (implantable) products supported
  • Low leakage low noise process for portable applications
  • 120V Transistor for med. Ultrasound Sensors
  • Rad-hard immune technology
  • Turnkey Solutions for Medical circuits
  • Filter on silicon packaged for automated optical system assembly, band pass filter
  • Very narrow, steep band pass filter with very high side-band suppression
  • Long process availability (>15 years)
  • PDK (Process Design Kit) support

Get your access to the PDK now and download the Process Design Kit from our Foundry Support Server.

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ams OSRAM full service foundry medical solutions process design kit