ams Mira220 CMOS Image Sensor


2.2 MP NIR enhanced global shutter image sensor designed for 2D and 3D consumer and industrial machine vision applications. Due to its small size, configurability and high sensitivity both in visual as well as NIR, the Mira220 is well suited for 2D and 3D applications, which include Active Stereo Vision, Structured Light Vision for Robotics and AR/VR.

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  • 1/2.7” optical format
  • 1600x1400 resolution
  • 8/10/12-bit depth
  • 2.79 μm global shutter pixel
  • Class leading QE at 940 nm combined with high sensitivity
  • Digital CDS and row noise correction
  • On-chip defect pixel detection and correction
  • On-chip image statistics generation
  • Low power consumption
  • Available in monochrome, RGB and RGBIR variants


  • Compact size with high resolution and bit depth
  • NIR enhanced with high sensitivity
  • On-chip noise reduction
  • Reduced off-chip processing
  • Extended battery operation
  • Ideal in low light conditions


製品タイプ 品目 注文番号 在庫状況
Mira220-2QM1WP FT SE Q65114A0086
Mira220-2QM1WA FT SE Q65114A0087
Mira220-2QM1WO FT SE Q65113A5069
Mira220-2QM1D0 RW Q65114A0085
Mira220-2QC1D0 RW Q65113A5399
Mira220-2QC1WP FT SE Q65113A5403
Mira220-2QC1WA FT SE Q65113A5404
Mira220-2QC1WO FT SE Q65113A5405
Mira220-2QI1D0 RW Q65113A5406
Mira220-2QI1WP FT SE Q65113A5408
Mira220-2QI1WA FT SE Q65113A5409
Mira220-2QI1WO FT SE Q65113A5410