ams AS8510 Analog Front-End


The AS8510 data acquisition front-end IC is a virtually offset free, low noise, 2-channel measurement device. It is tailored to accurately measure battery current from mA range up to kA range in combination with a 100 µOhm shunt resistor connected in series with the battery rail. Through the second measurement channel it enables capture of either battery voltage synchronous with the current or to measure the analog output of an internal or external temperature sensor.



  • First 16-bit dual ADC and PGA data acquisition ASSP with zero offset as a flexible sensor interface
  • Offset <1 LSB
  • Noise <1 LSB@1kHz, 1 Sigma


  • Highest accuracy dual ADC for signal conditioning up to 4kHz
  • Flexible concept enables short time to market in evolving field of battery management
  • Full AEC-Q100 conformance

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