Sustainability & responsible sourcing

Resilient supply chains with reliable partners

The aim of our purchasing strategy is to create resilient supply chains based on long-term cooperation with reliable partners.
Within this strategy we have defined clear ethical rules and incorporate social, human rights and environmental criteria aiming 

  • that no person, nor the environment is harmed in any external process step in our upstream supply chain.
  • that legal requirements, particularly those protecting human rights and the environment, are fulfilled
  • that the decarbonization of the upstream supply chain is to be driven forward

Therefore, we address and embed Corporate Responsibility requirements in all sourcing activities, to ensure a sustainable business relationship with our suppliers and demand their compliance. ams OSRAM has implemented an appropriate framework to detect and prevent violations of these requirements. This includes capacity building, Tools, Processes and clear rules which reflect country and material inherent risks and chances on Environmental, Social and Governance area.


Commitment to our Code of Conduct for ams OSRAM suppliers

Supplier management process

Classification, qualification, selection

Monitoring and development

Risk management approach

Ongoing reviews of the procurement process to identify possible risks are a core element of supplier management. The risk management approach in the supply chain includes the management of sourcing and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) risks. The handling of these risks is also embedded in the company-wide risk management system. Monitoring and development activities are focused on relevant suppliers. These suppliers can among others be strategic and or business relevant for ams OSRAM or may bear risks in  one of the ESG dimensions in dependence of country of origin, sourced material, sector in which they operate.

Sourcing risks

CSR risks