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OSIRE® for automotive & mobility applications

OSIRE® for automotive & mobility applications

OSIRE® is ams OSRAMs product family designed to meet the requirements of colored ambient lighting in automotive applications. It offers individually addressable LED chips for a maximum of flexibility in terms of color point, driver selection and interconnection in Interior Ambient Lighting. Due to the low profile, the OSIRE® E5515 devices are ideally suited for coupling into thin lightguides and enable ultra compact designs. The portfolio covers all RGB applications, offering different levels of calibration support and package designs: Standard RGB LEDs with narrow binnings: OSIRE® E3635 (top-looker in established footprint), OSIRE® E3323 (top-looker in smaller size and DMC feature); OSIRE® E5515 (sidelooker with low profile, optimized for IMSE process and DMC feature). Intelligent RGB LEDs with integrated drivers, optical data and a serial bus interface: OSIRE® E3731i with open system protocol (OSP) for serial bus communication, allowing to control the device in a daisy chain.



  • Qualifications: AEC-Q102 Qualified
  • Individually addressable chips
  • Wide color range offered
  • Small color bin size
  • Portfolio supports all existing ambient applications
  • Including components with DMC and integrated IC


  • Ambient Lighting applications by ams OSRAM feature a broad range of benefits
  • Improved color homogeneity & color accuracy
  • Extended range of colors & brightness
  • Increased performance & efficiency of design freedom
  • Enhanced brightness
  • Supports various levels of calibration (e.g. small binnings, DMC, integrated IC)