ams AS5147U - High Resolution Rotary Position Sensor

ams AS5147U - High Resolution Rotary Position Sensor
Longevity January 2031
ams AS5147U - High Resolution Rotary Position Sensor
Longevity January 2031

Product features

The AS5147U is a high-resolution redundant rotary position sensor for fast absolute angle measurement over a full 360-degree range. This position sensor is equipped with a revolutionary integrated dynamic angle error compensation (DAEC™) with almost 0 latency at higher rotational speed. For increased signal quality at lower rotational speed, the dynamic filter system (DFS™) reduces transition noise.

The robust design of the device suppresses the influence of any homogenous external stray magnetic field. A standard 4-wire SPI serial interface with a CRC protection allows a host microcontroller to read 14-bit absolute angle position data from the AS5147U and to program non-volatile settings without a dedicated programmer.

Incremental movements are indicated on a set of ABI signals with a maximum resolution of 16989 steps / 4096 pulses per revolution. Brushless DC (BLDC) motors are controlled through a standard UVW commutation interface with a programmable number of pole pairs from 1 to 7. The absolute angle position is also provided as PWM-encoded output signal.

The AS5147U supports embedded self-diagnostics for fulfilling up to ASIL D in safety relevant applications. The device is available in a TSSOP14 Package.

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