ams AS7221 CCT Tuning Smart Lighting Manager

ams AS7221 CCT Tuning Smart Lighting Manager

Product features

Simplify tunable white lighting systems with the AS7221 sensor-integrated IoT smart lighting manager. The AS7221 will lower the manufactured cost of your tunable white lighting system. Closed loop calibrated tri-stimulus color sensing for direct CIE color point mapping and control enables lower precision components to produce a higher-quality tunable white luminaire or replacement lamp. Pre-calibrated to a typical 2 SDCM accuracy, this network enabled chip-scale solution uses a simple text-based smart lighting command set via the serial UART interface to deliver easy integration to standard network clients. Legacy controls are also supported with direct connection to 0-10V controls,. Control outputs include direct PWM management of digital LED drivers or analog 0-10V for standard dimmable drivers.




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