ams EGA2000 - Industrial High-Power Flood Illuminator

ams EGA2000 - Industrial High-Power Flood Illuminator
Longevity January 2027
ams EGA2000 - Industrial High-Power Flood Illuminator
Longevity January 2027

Product features

The EGA2000 module is specifically designed for open-space monochromatic infrared high power uniform illumination. The ultra-compact modules are assembled with ams‘ state-of-the-art opto-electronics component manufacturing processes and are reflow solderable. These modules, using laser illumination, allow improved efficiency, reduced footprint, and overall improved system performance. 

EGA2000 can be used for illumination in conjunction with industrial 3D sensing cameras as well as 2D imaging systems for a variety of applications like object dimension detection in robotics and logistics, 3D mapping of the environment for autonomous guided vehicles (AGV) including household robots, 3D face authentication for e-locks and e-payment terminals and illumination in night vision systems. The EGA2000 modules produce high optical output power at either 850nm or 940nm with three field of illumination options: Narrow, Wide and Ultra-Wide.




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Ordering codes

製品タイプ 品目 注文番号 在庫状況
ASCX-00-MQ Q65114A0190
ASDX-00-MQ Q65114A0189
ATDX-00-MQ Q65114A0192
ASBX-00-MQ Q65114A0188
ATBX-00-MQ Q65114A0191
ATCX-00-MQ Q65114A0193
ASCX-00 Q65114A0131
ASDX-00 Q65114A0182
ATDX-00 Q65114A0183
ASBX-00 Q65114A0179
ATBX-00 Q65114A0134
ATCX-00 Q65114A0132