ams TSL2585 light sensor with UVA detection



TSL2585 is a mini size ambient light sensor with UVA and light flicker detection, comes in a very low-profile and small footprint L2.0mm x W1.0mm x H0.35mm 6-pin OLGA package, perfectly fits wearable and mobile phone applications which are usually very space and height constrained.
The high sensitivity enables the device to work behind a low transmissivity covering glass providing an accurate ALS detection. In addition, TSL2585 has a special edge-located photodiode placement which allows for a narrow bezel design down to 0.4mm width when the device is placed very close to the product edge. Fulfilling requirements of today's industrial design of designing bezel-less products for a good looking appearance.

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TSL2585 DS001043


TSL2585 DS001025

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