ams AS7264N Consumer Grade Smart XYZ + Bio-Blue + NIR Sensor

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The AS7264N provides direct XYZ sensor data which conforms to the tri-stimulus standard observer color response of the human eye. In addition, two channels added for measurement of blue spectrum light, plus a near-IR channel enables additional application flexibility. LED drivers with programmable currents are provided for electronic shutter applications.
The AS7264N integrates Gaussian filters into standard CMOS silicon via nano-optic deposited interference filter technology and is packaged in an LGA package that provides a built in aperture to control the light entering the sensor array.
Control and spectral data access is implemented through an I²C register set.


ams AS7341 – 11-Channel Spectral Color Sensor

ams AS7341 – 11-Channel Spectral Color Sensor

AS7341 is an 11-channel multi-spectral sensor for color detection and spectral analysis applications. The spectral response is defined in the wavelengths from approximately 350nm to 1000nm. 6 channels can be processed in parallel by independent ADCs while the other channels are accessible via a multiplexer. 8 optical channels cover the visible spectrum, one channel can be used to measure near infra-red light and one channel is a photo diode without filter (“clear”). The device also integrates a dedicated channel to detect 50Hz or 60Hz ambient light flicker. The flicker detection engine can also buffer data for calculating other flicker frequencies externally. The NIR channel in combination with the other VIS channel may provide information of surrounding ambient light conditions (light source detection). The device can also be synchronized to external signals via pin GPIO. AS7341 integrates filters into standard CMOS silicon via Nano-optic deposited interference filtertechnology and its package provides a built in aperture to control the light entering the sensor array. Control and Spectral data access is implemented through a serial I²C interface. The device is available in an ultra-low profile package with dimensions of 3.1mm x 2mm x 1mm.
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  • Integrated interference filters directly deposited on standard CMOS silicon
  • XYZ filters + 440nm + 490nm + wide banded NIR band passes
  • Integrated 16 bit ADC on chip and low power consumption
  • 2 integrated LED drivers
  • I²C slave digital interface with optional interrupt operation


  • Stable filter conditions over temperature and life time
  • Human eye like color, light, good+bad blue and proximity detection
  • Signal conditioning on chip
  • Sample illumination without external LED driver
  • Direct register read and write with interrupt on sensor ready


CCT and Color Point identification plus added blue
Temperature Range [°C]
-40 to 85
Sensor Type
6 channel visible + NIR
Supply Voltage [V]
2.7 to 3.6
20-pin LGA
Size [mm]
4.5 x 4.7 x 2.5


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