ams TMD27721WA Digital Ambient Light Sensor

ams TMD27721WA Digital Ambient Light Sensor

Product features

The TMD2772WA family of devices provides digital ambient light sensing (ALS), a complete proximity detection system, and digital interface logic in a single 8-pin surface mount module. The devices are register-set and pin-compatible with the TMD2771 family of devices and include new and improved ALS and proximity detection features and are available with 25° and 50° fields of view. The ALS enhancements include a reduced gain mode that extends the operating range in sunlight. Proximity detection includes improved signal-to-noise performance and more accurate factory calibration. A proximity offset register allows compensation for optical system crosstalk between the IR LED and the sensor. To prevent false proximity data measurement readings, a proximity saturation indicator bit signals that the internal analog circuitry has reached saturation.




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