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Key Medical & Health Applications and Technologies:

UV-C disinfection, Medical Imaging, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Digital X-ray, Point of Care Diagnostics, Spectral Sensing, CMOS Imaging, Lateral Flow Testing (LFT)

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Harnessing UV-C’s disinfection potential

Did you know that ultraviolet light is a chemical-free, efficient disinfectant? While ‘bright sunshine’ has long been valued for its health-bringing qualities, the germicidal effect of UV-C has also been medically supported.

UV-C LED technology is transforming how we disinfect and purify what we touch, breathe, eat and drink – all with the pure magic of invisible UV-C light. Germs can be found anywhere – in our water supplies, on surfaces, in our homes or hospitals, and even in the air. Our UV-C LEDs, together with spectral sensing technology from ams and OSRAM, can be used for disinfection and purification in many applications from consumer health and medical to industrial environments. We are working with our customers and partners from many industries to create innovations that are pioneering and to explore the endless opportunities. Disinfection and purification using UV-C LED technology will make a valuable contribution to making our lives safer for the future.

The same technology can also be used in wearable devices like smart watches or patches to monitor sun exposure during sports and outdoor activities and warn the user to go out of the sun when needed. Also, UV diagnostic and phototherapy devices can be used in wound disinfection and other medical skin treatments.

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Leading in medical imaging detectors

Which company’s sensors, sensor interfaces, and tillable solutions for detector hardware push the boundaries of computed tomography (CT) and digital X-ray?

Advanced medical imaging equipment provides medical practitioners with a window into the body, and the resulting pictures help physicians to diagnose conditions correctly and treat the patient effectively – and so save lives. In fact, digital X-ray equipment is widely used in general radiography, mammography, surgical and dental radiography.

Both ams and OSRAM designs and manufacture unique imaging sensing solutions that cover the spectrum from infrared to visible light all the way to X-rays offering outstanding precision, high acquisition speeds, low noise, and ultra-low power consumption. We are developing our leading imaging sensing solutions and expertise to achieve an unprecedented level of image accuracy. This enables manufacturers of scanning equipment to produce sharp images while exposing patients to lower doses of radiation.

Our CMOS-based sensors and sensor interfaces power next-generation medical image scanners including CT, digital X-ray, and photon counting.



Rapid virus testing at point of care

What if you could reliably test for a virus or presence of antibodies – at the airport, your child’s school, or before caring for someone at risk – and get a result in around 20 minutes?

While COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) has made ‘test and trace’ a buzz word, around the world viral pandemics regularly flare up and new strains of influenza kill thousands of people every year. Current virus test scenarios often mean slow results, many handling steps between lab and doctors, inconvenient sample collection, and higher costs. In future, ams and OSRAM's solution will provide results in around 15 minutes at point of care. For example, using saliva-based antigen detection to enable pandemic control at home, schools, airports, offices, care facilities – wherever needed.

Our optical readout for improved Lateral Flow Testing (LFT) allows manufacturers to benefit from the simple design of LFT’s – compact, portable, easy to use – and produce them in a cost-effective way at high volume. The gamechanger: we have developed a small and cost-effective optical module based on spectral-sensing technology that improves performance – and so reliability – of the LFT. Contact us to learn more.


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