ams AS7421 Hyperspectral NIR Sensor



The AS7421 hyperspectral NIR Sensor is a versitile spectrometer-on-chip solution that enables the usage of near infrared detection technology for material or substance detection purposes. The technology enables to:
- Identify an object by comparing the measured spectrum with a reference spectrum of an object in a lookup table
- Derive the composition of a sample by evaluating the measured spectrum with a model (teaching methods)
- Signal the relative changes of concentration of a component of an object
- Signal the properties of an object (end user)



  • 64 channel photodiode matrix
  • Spectral range 750-1050nm (61 wavelengths, 5nm separation)
  • Integrated NIR LEDs to cover range from 750nm to 1050nm
  • Integrated micro optics to limit angle of incidence of sensor (Micro Lens Array)
  • 16 independent ADCs with programmable gain and integration time
  • Typical integration time for 64 channel is 262ms - I²C interface and interrupt
  • Power consumption (typ): 2,5mA active, 2µA sleep
  • Module size 6.6 x 6 x 2.2mm (OLGA 10 package)


  • Near infrared spectral footprint analysis of materials, goods, substances, fabrics, foodstuff and more
  • High resolution for spectral identification purposes
  • All-in-one module enables high sensor stability at fast readout speeds
  • Low-cost sensor solutions compared to usual lab equipment such as spectrometers




Application note