ams TCS3707 Color and Proximity Sensor



The TCS3707 is a very-high sensitivity light-to-digital converter that features ambient light and color (RGB) sensing, proximity and flicker detection. The Ambient light and color sensing function provide five rrent ambient light sensing channels: Red, Green, Blue, Clear, and Wideband. The RGB and Clear channels have a UV/IR blocking filter. This architecture accurately measures ambient light and enables the calculation of illuminance, chromaticity, and color temperature to manage display appearance. The proximity function synchronizes IR emission and detection to sense nearby objects. The IR driver needs to be connected to an external LED or VCSEL emitter. The architecture of the engine features self-maximizing dynamic range, ambient light subtraction, advanced optical crosstalk noise cancellation, data output and interrupt-driven 1.8V I²C communications interface. Sensitivity, power consumption, and noise can be optimized with adjustable IR LED timing and power. The device integrates direct detection of 50Hz or 60Hz ambient light flicker. Flicker detection is executed in parallel with ambient light and color sensing and has independent gain configuration. The flicker detection engine can also buffer data for calculating other flicker frequencies externally.



  • Ultra-high ALS and color sensitivity
  • 1024x dynamic range
  • 50/60 Hz Ambient light flicker detection channel
  • Clear, IR, and Wideband reference channels
  • High proximity crosstalk compensation
  • 0.18µm process technology with 1.8V I²C


  • Enables maximum design flexibility for operation behind dark inked glass
  • Enables dark room to sunlight operation
  • Minimizes flicker effect in 50/60 Hz light-source environments for non global-shutter image sensors
  • Clear and Wideband reference channels enable color content isolation
  • Enables operation behind highly diffusive glass by compensating for unwanted reflected crosstalk
  • Reduces power consumption in battery powered applications

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