ams TMD2621 Advanced Proximity Sensor Module



The TMD2621 features an advanced proximity measurement. The device integrates an IR VCSEL and an advanced VCSEL driver within an optimized 4.65mm x 1.86mm x 1.3mm OLGA package.



  • Integrated factory calibrated 940nm IR VCSEL
  • Display synchronization with highly programmable Proximity Start Delay (PSD)
  • Crosstalk and ambient light cancellation
  • Optimized sensitivity and noise level
  • Wide configuration range
  • 1.8V power supply with 1.8V I2C bus
  • Configurable sleep mode
  • Interrupt driven device
  • Proximity saturation flag
  • VSYNC status check


  • Proximity detection behind OLED displays
  • Low power consumption
  • Integrated status checking for all functions

Ordering codes

Product Type Description Order No. Availability
TMD26213 Q65114A2957
TMD26213M Q65114A2958