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Key Computing Applications and Technologies:

Secure Authentication, FIDO, Behind OLED, Facial Recognition, Color Sensing, Ambient Light Sensing, Proximity Sensing

Your face is your password

Are you authorized to see the confidential information in this computer or use it to access confidential linked accounts or apps?

In a world where 80% of hacking-related breaches involve stolen or weak credentials, passwords are past their sell-by date. However, secure authentication is more vital than ever, which is why additional measures including multi-factor authentication, zero trust security, and biometrics are used to protect people and organizations from ransomware, phishing, and fraud. 3D technology ams3D technology OSRAM is ideal to meet these requirements. We believe the future of access security is Fast Identity Online (FIDO).

As a leading supplier of 3D sensing technologies underpinning facial recognition in consumer devices, vehicles, and industrial applications, ams and OSRAM provides a facial authentication solution for the computing market, offering a secure, simple and convenient approach to user authentication without the need of a password or PIN code.

A member of the FIDO Alliance, our reference solution gathers the latest hardware products of dot pattern projectors and illuminator technologies along with a face recognition software. This standardized solution is targeted to the needed level of performances without compromises on security.


Sensing solutions for computer displays

How can computing and mobile device manufacturers optimize for the limitations of the human eye in a ‘high screen-time’ world?

As computer screens – and how we use them to access a dizzying array of information, applications, and entertainment – evolve, the capabilities of the human eye remain the same. Eyestrain and sleep disturbance can be unwanted side effects, especially where there is a high contrast between the screen and the ambient light.

ams and OSRAM develop and deliver industry-leading sensor solutions that promise excellent image quality and display functionality to meet manufacturer requirements. Our technology leadership enables accurate ambient light, color, and proximity sensing solutions to operate behind OLED displays used in next-generation mobile devices. Our innovative packaging and silicon design mean we deliver sensing solutions that fit in the industry’s smallest aperture size behind inked glass. While our color sensors enable emissive (paper-like) displays – making text as readable as on printed paper. Our proximity sensors help to manage the battery life of the devices. Together, these sensors meet the most challenging industrial design requirements while providing superior proximity detection performance with minimal optical crosstalk.

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