ams TCS3430 Tristimulus Color Sensor



The device features advanced digital ambient light sensing (ALS) and CIE 1931 tristimulus color sensing (XYZ). Each of the channels has a filter to control its optical response, which allows the device to accurately measure ambient light and sense color. These measurements are used to calculate chromaticity, illuminance and color temperature, all of which are used to support various potential applications.
The TCS3430 is ideally suited for use in smartphone applications to improve color measurement and intensity of ambient light conditions. The sensor can also be used to assist the smartphone camera sensor with color sensing of ambient light to enhance and improve picture white balance to deliver more realistic and vibrant images.



  • Capable of ±10% illuminance and correlated color temperature accuracy
  • Small footprint and low profile package: 2.41mm x 1.75mm x 1.00 mm
  • Advanced interference filter technology
  • Wide dynamic range and high sensitivity
  • XYZ tristimulus filters
  • Programmable gain and integration time


  • Improves ALS responsiveness of the system
  • Reduces board space requirements and enables low-profile system design
  • Improves ALS response for more accurate measurement of lighting environment
  • Enables accurate color and ALS sensing under varying lighting conditions and behind dark glass
  • Enables accurate color temperature calculations and ambient light sensing
  • Enables low power consumption

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