ams TCS3530 True Color Sensor with Flicker Detection


TCS3530 is an ultra-sensitive color sensor that matches the response of the human eye to visible light. The sensor’s highly accurate measurements of chromaticity and illuminance support superior automatic white balancing in cameras, as well as sophisticated display color management. Fully integrated optical assembly with built-in diffuser backed by end-of-line calibration simplifies manufacturers’ production processes and optical designs.



  • XYZ true color channels + IR channel + 2 Hg channels
  • Ultra-high ALS and color sensitivity
  • Flicker detection up to 7kHz (14kS raw data)
  • Integrated diffuser in package
  • 0.18µ process technology with 1.8V/1.2V I²C and I³C
  • Factory calibrated with multiple light-sources
  • Area efficient 2.5 x 1.8 x 1.5 mm OLGA package (8-pin)


  • Provides high-accuracy color sensor mimicking the human eye
  • Allows calculation of chromaticity coordinates and light source detection
  • Simplifies design – no diffuser or accurate aperture needed
  • Simplifies smartphone production flow – simple end of line calibration
  • Enables accurate and stable measurement in low light conditions
  • Compensates for part-to-part filter variation
  • Reduce board space requirements and enable low-profile system design

Ordering codes

Product Type Description Order No. Availability
TCS35303-2 OLGA T&R (5000pcs per reel) Q65114A2934
TCS35303-2M OLGA T&R (500pcs per reel) Q65114A1311